Choosing the Right Research Methodology for Your Dissertation

Remember that your entire dissertation and its success is dependent on the kind of research you conduct. Therefore, the right research methodology can make all the difference in your dissertation outcome.

Choosing between quantitative and qualitative methods:

Many students prefer taking the quantitative route simple because they find it easier to deal with numbers and statistics than going the qualitative way. However, many times, numbers cannot do justice in understanding behavior or experiences, which need a strong qualitative method to analyze.

Using both methods together:

This is a common trend that is used quite often by many students and researchers. This helps you collect data in both ways and you can back up one set of findings by the other which is conducted through a different method. You can use a questionnaire to get the quantitative data and conduct interviews for your qualitative data collection.

Things to remember while asking interviews:

  1. Identify the right sample
  2. Keep a set of questions ready that will help you gain the information you are looking for
  3. Try the questions with a friend or a colleague before you take it on the field
  4. Keep notes of the interview
  5. Don’t ask questions that might lead to predefined answers

Things to remember while formulating a questionnaire:

  1. Ensure that the questions are in a logical order and they are easy to understand
  2. Gain permission from the respondents to use the information as your sample
  3. Ensure that the questions are not confusing or leading to expected answers
  4. Code the questionnaire so you can analyze it easily afterwards
  5. Use the right statistical tools to analyze the data

Think about the advantages and problems associated with different research methodologies and then pick one that suits your study perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Research Methodology for Your Dissertation

  1. The most relevant time in your research comes when you have to develop methodology according to which you will develop the tool for collecting data. This is because a research and results are totally dependent on the kind of data collected for the research. Thanks for this point, so many useful points are there.

  2. Saunder’s onion model is a good framework which helps in methodology. It clarifies the doubts regarding research philosophy, research approach, research strategies, etc. It can make the explanation of methodology simpler.

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