Dissertation Assistance

Writing a dissertation is probably the most daunting task of your academic career. Dissertation marks the culmination of previous academic knowledge, training, research and writing for months together. Many doctoral candidates encounter blocks and feel lost during the journey of dissertation writing. While dissertation writing is not unrelated to other forms of academic writing that you would have done before, the sheer volume of work and checkpoints make this the biggest ever document you will work on.

At Dissertation Pal, we have been providing dissertation assistance services to PhD students with writing scholarly chapters, conduct research through design of questionnaires, statistical analysis and editing the work already written by you. Our service is comprehensive and offer 360 degrees support for your dissertation completion. It includes taking care of development of models, implementation, zeroing in on the best sampling methods and ensuring compliance with finer elements like Formatting and APA citation.

You may have questions like, do we have experts in the area of your research, are we expensive, is it ethical and how long does it take? Our dissertation assistance services and writing service is the amongst the most popular service with our previous clients from Walden, Capella, NYU Stern, Chicago, Boston and many more already having completed their dissertation. With a team of over 50 subject matter experts from areas including Management, Accounting, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Aviation, Science and technology and Engineering, we cover a wide range of domains for academic research. Our past clients mentioned that our service was affordable and derived full value of the payments made to us. Our service is ethical as we do not provide ready to submit papers which is another form of plagiarism. We rather consult and work with you at every step to ensure that you learn and gain knowledge during the dissertation writing process. We have really fast turnaround times as top management has dealt with complex topics, data management, statistical analysis since last seven years. Your service is free if we do not deliver our part of the commitment on time. Our dissertation service is confidential and we are ready to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) even before you share details of your topic.

Ready to get started, or have more questions? Write in to us at info@dissertationpal.com and we will answer your questions. To get a quote, fill this form.

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