5 Tested Sources to get you Master Thesis help when you need it most

There will be many a times while writing your masters thesis that you would encounter situations where you would have to meet stringent deadlines and you don’t have the answer to unresolved queries. Neither do you know where to look for help. Do not panic or give up under pressure. We have a few useful tips for you on how you can get help with your thesis and not let it elevate your stress levels to an extent that is unmanageable.

Take help from your Professor: Your professors have gone through your ordeal and can relate to your challenges pretty well. Asking them for help is a safe bet because they have been students themselves at one point of time and would have many techniques and ways by which you can solve queries that may not occur to you.

Ask your friends for assistance: You would sure have some friends who have better writing skills than you. There isn’t anything wrong with taking help from them. Similar to your professors, they can empathise with you and offer you some worthy advice. Listen to what your reliable friend has to say and follow the advice.

Online forums: They are the truth of our generation. If you are internet savvy and find them easy to access and follow, they can become a great source of information. On a forum, you may find many members looking for a similar solution like yours and sometimes just following the threads may help in solving the problem.

Check online guides on thesis writing: The amount of information that is there on the internet is unbelievable. Whenever in the journey of writing you feel you are on the crossroads, just hit the internet and you would find a plethora of information which could be used by you. You would find a lot of guides when you search on Google that would cater to your specific problem.

Follow your college website: The college you are attending would have an online platform for students to interact and discuss issues and contemporary topics. Become a participant in such discussion. Even if you have apprehensions about participating in them, following them passively will also help you to resolve many problems to a great extent.

Ultimately, there are various ways in which you can get help for your master’s thesis, it all comes around to asking for help and support from external sources which you shouldn’t shy away from doing so.

Formatting Chapter 4 of Dissertation As Per APA Compliance – A Sneak Peek

Chapter 4 of a dissertation is the one chapter most students fret from addressing, but it is still the very essence of any research being conducted. This chapter is mostly referred to as “Data Analysis and Interpretations” and encompasses all the data analysis, quantitative as well as qualitative that has been undertaken to reach the conclusion of the research. Here is a peek into how this chapter can be formatted to extract maximum meaning out of the analysis conducted and provide insight to the reader in a single glance.

  • Highlight and lay emphasis on important variables and factors. Being too generic in this section will confuse readers and other researchers. You should clearly specify what the analysis is about.
  • Your ideas must follow a logical sequence. The analysis undertaken must also be addressed in a proper order which would make a reader easily grasp its essence. Focus on wider concepts first and then increase specificity.
  • You should feel free to use tables, graphs, charts, headings and bold texts to make your analysis stress-free to comprehend.
  • You should always provide captions for tables and figures to capture their principle and make sure that you describe each figure or table at length in the text.
  • Explain rounding practices that have been adopted. In the presentation of rounded off data, you should not use more significant digits than are required according to the mentioned procedures.
  • Address the data sources used and any shortcomings that may prevail in the data and that may or may not have affected the analysis.  You could also include a section in your paper which includes sources of all the data collected.
  • You should include a section that describes all the analytical tools and methods that have been employed for the research.
  • There should be information regarding the quality of the results such as standard errors, confidence intervals and/or coefficients of variation that can provide the reader important information about data quality.
  • You should check the accuracy and consistency in the analysis even once all conclusions are drawn, this is because they will provide the foundation of your dissertation findings and you cannot afford to mess them up.
    • According to the APA format, the following guidelines have been given for effectively drafting Chapter 4 of a dissertation. These include:
    • You should not give references for statistics unless the statistic is uncommon, used unconventionally, or is the focus of the article
    • You should refrain from giving formulas for common statistics (i.e. mean, ttest)
    • Avoid repeating descriptive statistics in the text if they’re represented in a table or figure
    • Use terms like respectively and in order when enumerating a series of statistics; this illustrates the relationship between the numbers in the series.
    • Assess the necessity of using a table over descriptive text
    • Tables must be consistent, organized and coherent. That means they must follow a specific numbering, must have a list in the end and their format must be coherent.
    • Headings of tables must be clear and concise; data must be expressed only in numerals.
    • Similarly, figures must be assessed for necessity, must be numbered in order and must be coherent with each other.

Must Reads for Writing a Dissertation

Dissertations are an integral part of the academic curriculum, as it is a comprehensive way to evaluate the students’ understanding and knowledge. Students are expected to undertake a research, analyze the findings support it by relevant theories and concepts and conclude it by making appropriate recommendations. In order to produce a good dissertation, students need to do extensive reading throughout the semester. Following tips will guide you on what should be included in your reading list before you start writing your dissertation.

Visit Library for Classic Books

There are classic books in every field of study, which have existed for decades in the library and are considered as the bible of the subject. Every student should read these books and develop an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Take input from your professor or refer your syllabus for the recommendations of such books.

Read the Journal and Recent Research Publication

After you have developed a fair understanding of the concept, you need to know what are the current topics in which research is happening. Follow the leading journals for such articles and books being published to up-to-date your knowledge. These articles will help you choose an appropriate research topic and relate your article with the current developments in your field.

Refer Books and Text on Research Methodology

A quick glance through the books on research methods and methodologies will guide on the various methods of research, data collection, data filtration and analysis, how to make questionnaire and carry out statistical calculations.

Refer Other Primary Literature Sources

Apart from these books refer social theory which are relevant to your dissertation topic and other online sources of literature like e books, e-journals as well as you can join the community to get more information on the recent trends in your field.

How to Get Your Dissertation Published in an Academic Journal?

Publishing dissertation or parts of dissertation is an effective way to reach out to many interested students pursuing their studies in the same branch. It is an effective way to share your findings with the educational community, as academic journals have a wide reach. There are publishers who are interested in publishing best quality academic dissertation, which adds value to their journal. If you are interested in getting your dissertation published, follow the following tips to find an appropriate publisher.

  1. There are a number of publishers who require genuine and good articles to be published in the journal. Before you start submitting your article to a publisher it better to shortlist the publishers who publish academic journals in your field of study.

  1. Once you have shortlisted a publisher, you need to find out what are the requirements that you need to fulfil to get your article published. The website of the publisher will have all the required information like what topics they are looking for, the length of the dissertation and submission guidelines.

  1. Publishers have their own guidelines to publish articles in the journal. Check with the publisher whether they publish a whole dissertation or some parts or you need to write in the format provided.

  1. After you have understood the requirements of the publisher, make the required changes accordingly and submit your article. The publisher will take some time to review the article and if they find it fit for their journal, they will reply to you.

  1. If your dissertation is not accepted by the publisher, you should not lose hope and submit it to another publisher till you find a publisher who is interested in publishing your journal.

Thus, by following the above steps you can publish your dissertation in an academic journal.

Lengthy Dissertation for you? Do not Panic

Learn about the ideal word-count that can be maintained while writing your dissertation. If you think that your dissertation is getting lengthy crossing over 100-200 pages, then it can be well counted as a paperback novel. You might not be scared of the challenge of preparing a well-researched and fact-laid dissertation, but you might be intimidated by its length. Do not panic since a few determining factors can help you with handling the word count.

The foremost thing for you to understand is that the length of your study depends upon the subject that you choose. If you are doing Masters in Medicine then your approach towards writing the dissertation and planning its outline will be different from those majoring in Psychology. The guidelines are different for both and therefore the length is impacted by the subject matter.

If you are sure about choosing the right subject then it can lead to more discoveries that you can incorporate. Select a topic you feel interested in and you intent to discover and learn more about it. The process will ensure that you attain a perfect dissertation and will not be scared even if the word count crosses 200 pages.

Once you choose an interesting and engaging topic, dedicate your mind and soul to it. Stay committed and do not give up in the mid-way. Remember, the task is feasible in every possible way and is going to earn you a degree. Nevertheless, the increasing the word count will not bother you at all.

One of the best ways to avoid panic is to stop assuming the word count. If your mind keeps thinking that the count has crossed 40000 words, whereas, the actual count is 10000; you won’t be able to concentrate. Pour your heart and stay focused on the content instead of worrying about the word count at all.

Make Your Dissertation an Enjoyable Read

Everyone knows how much effort you have put into making your dissertation a successful venture. However, when the semester comes to an end, you would need to relax a bit and after that, continue with your dissertation. You must, however, be pondering what can make your dissertation a really enjoyable read. Here is how you can achieve it.

Consider Your Audience

If you would like to make your dissertation enjoyable to read, then you should consider your audience. The people for whom you have written your dissertation should be able to understand what you have written without which it can be difficult to judge how you have written it. No task should be considered as a challenge. If you do so, you would not be able to enjoy writing your dissertation. If you do not enjoy writing, then how can your audience enjoy reading your work?

Look for Resources Online

If you are not able to find the resources you need offline, then you should consider looking for them online. You would be able to easily find some. If you choose to, you can always take the help of your friends to find you some resources. Alternatively, you can always approach a dissertation writing company for some help with finding you the right materials and even writing the dissertation for you.

Take Help from the Others

If you are not sure what to write in your dissertation to make it sound simple and enjoyable, then you should take help from the others. If you are unable to find help immediately, then take the help of a dissertation writing company. The dissertation writers, who work for the company, will be able to help you out. Not only would they be able to write a professional looking piece but they would also be able to make your research work look interesting.

Getting Over Writer’s Block While Writing Your Dissertation

Most students, who are writing their doctoral dissertation, experience writer’s block. Moreover, they feel like they are unable to cope with the problem and wait for hours on end for an idea to come to them. Writer’s block is experienced by the students mostly when they are either about to begin a new section or when they are writing the dissertation. Here are a few tips to get over a writer’s block.

Blocks Faced While Writing a Section

Sometimes, students face blocks while they are about to begin a new section. It may be easier to say “simply get started.” However, there is more to it than that. If you want to overcome your writer’s block, you would need to strengthen the foundation of your dissertation. You will be easily able to write if you are able to decide what needs to go in your table of contents and your other sections. You would need to remember that your university may or may not provide you with the titles for your dissertation sections.

Blocks Faced While Writing Your Dissertation

The blocks that you face while writing your dissertation are mostly caused by insecurities. At times, these internal insecurities are not valid at all. Start by finding out as to whether it is true or not. Are you aware of the information needed to complete all the sections in your dissertation? If you feel that you need more information in order to get started, then visit your local library and research some more. You could also ask yourself as to why you are feeling blocked. If you are able to understand what the barriers to your writing are, you could easily resolve them. If not, you would need to approach a professional writer for help with writing the different sections in your dissertation.

How to End Up Choosing an Appropriate Journal for Publishing

If you are an ambitious research student or researcher, then there definitely comes a stage in your academic life where you want to get your work published in a reputed journal. However, you may have several types of queries regarding the choice of a suitable journal to which you could submit your research paper. Check out here a few considerations that can make you select the right journal for paper publishing.

Find its impact factor value

The range of readership of a journal or its popularity is generally determined by its impact factor value. Thus, you should check this value for your shortlisted journals before making a final choice. If your chosen journal has high impact factor and offers an open access to all online readers, then it may be the right selection.

Look at its audience

Every journal caters to a different audience in specific academic fields. See whether the audience of your chosen journals matches your publishing purpose. If the audience of a journal is your target audience too, then you can easily pick it up.

Determine its space

It is also important to know whether your selected journal covers your subject area and has a wide reach to your target readers. You can only reach such readers if a journal offers space to your type of research studies. For instance, you may be doing a case study while your chosen journal may not like to cover many case studies. In such a case, there occurs a mismatch leading to higher chances of rejection. Thus, make sure to select a journal that keeps your study high on its priority.

Consider the time taken for publishing

Everyone wants to get his/her work published as soon as possible. Thus, it is also necessary to check whether your journal has a shorter time cycle to accept and publish studies. Take a decision after thorough consideration of each of your shortlisted journals.

Writing a Good Article for Research Journal

Why would you like to write for journals? What is your purpose behind your doing so? Do you plan to write for a research assessment? Do you wish to develop your profile in a particular area? Would you decide which journal to write for using this information? If you are not sure, then this is how you should write an article for a research journal.

Have a Strategy

Have you seen how other researchers write for a journal? Which conversation or group do you see yourself joining? Some people prefer to keep their articles ready for publication and then look for a place to publish them. However, some people prefer to write later according to the policies of the journal in which they would like to publish their articles. You would need to first work out why you wish to publish your article in a journal and then, write the article. This will help you stay motivated enough to write a journal article.

Analyze Different Writings

Take a few journals in your field of study and then, analyze them. Make sure you scan through all the writings and look very closely at them. Highlight all the sentences that are important to you. Can you see that the writings in the journal are related to one particular genre of writing? Can you define the different types of writing structures simply by looking at them?

Do an Outline

Do you always simply dive in to start writing or do you write a good outline for all your articles before you can begin writing one? Outlining and writing a plan for your research article are highly useful. They will help you define what you need to write and to develop your ideas. Use lots of action verbs in your research article before going ahead to write it fully.

How to Write a Good Dissertation Introduction?

An introduction is the face of a master’s or doctorate dissertation, which has to be very striking and anchoring too. Usually a dissertation introduction should be strong enough about the rationale of writing a dissertation and about its expected and accomplished findings. Also, a master or PhD scholar should be aware of the fact that an introduction should include the impact of research and its studies in the social order and upcoming batch. Overall, the word “introduction” sounds simple and straight forward yet it is the most crucial and important expect of any written work and if the stipulation is for higher studies, the matter becomes more sensitive. Hence, here come some tips which describe the ways of writing a good dissertation introduction –

  • Why a dissertation is written? – Aim of writing the dissertation and the outcomes expected and actually found has to be written here. Also, how writing a dissertation and its findings can help our subordinates or other academic aspirants are an important fact to be mentioned here.
  • What is there in the dissertation? – This portion includes the description of dissertation topic in detail, its proceedings in the form of abstract and different chapters and their subsections. Problems dealt with the research work and mentioned in the dissertation is also an imperative point to be mentioned. “What”, section may also include the justification about the genuineness of the work.
  • How the dissertation is completed? – Types and modes of conducting research by the means of different research methodologies are described here.
  • Introduction should express the point that, does your dissertation also have some restrictions or constraints that have led some impact on the result of the dissertation?
  • A good introduction should cover up a series of questions asked in the dissertation in order to solve out the issues generated or dispute raised should also be covered in a section of the introduction.

Thus, in a nutshell, it can be described as “a good dissertation introduction should be a summarized form of entire dissertation”.