Literature Review

Literature review writing service is especially designed for PhD scholars since writing a faulty literature review is a sure recipe for creating blocks in your dissertation progress. Your committee chair or other members of the committee would usually construe your ability to deal with the dissertation on how your literature review is structured. Boote & Belie (2005) mentioned in their research that ” A researcher cannot perform significant research without first understanding the literature in the field”.  A literature review would generally offer a critical synthesis of the existing research related to the topic, would justify author’s knowledge and sets the context for study.

It is imperative for every doctoral candidate to carefully structure the literature review and draw a research gap which shall become the backbone for conducting research. At Dissertation Pal, we have on board, experienced writers who have the knack of being able to find relevant references from all e-libraries using multi keyword combinations and further write a cohesive literature review. We guarantee our service to be on-time, cited as per APA (Or the style you mention) and original. For us to be able to delve deep into finding resources and developing the chapter, we accept a minimum order of 30 pages of literature review chapter writing. You can then add, develop upon this document to expand your literature review portion as per your dissertation requirement.

To get a quote for literature review writing service customized to your topic, mail us at . If you have already found some relevant papers pertaining your topic, it will be a nice idea to share them as well enabling us to quote the discounted price.

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  1. Is there any specific method to find the variables? How to prepare conceptual framework, I seek some assistance in this. Please help out!

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