Journal Article Assistance

As part of your doctoral research, you would be required to publish research papers in international journals with high impact factor. Writing a Dissertation and research paper are two different tasks. Many a times, candidates get tired of the tedious process involved before a journal paper is accepted for publication. There is a lot of emphasis on editing, formatting, selecting the right journal and unique contribution of the study.

At Dissertation Pal, we offer our journal article assistance customized to the requirements of the researcher. We can help with writing, editing, peer review, pre-submission peer review, formatting and our panel of experts can also suggest the most the relevant journals. We can also submit the research paper on your behalf to various journal publishers and follow up with the editorial team on the same. This can save a lot of time and effort on the documentation while you can focus on conducting research.

To request journal article assistance for getting your paper published, write to us at with details of your research and target publications. We would review your requirement and get back to you with a no obligation quote for the desired service.

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