About Us

Dissertation Pal was founded in the year 2006 by Robert McGain, Puneet Chadha and Steffi Loreti. All three of them have been through the process of academic research and found a common objective of assisting potential doctoral candidates in completing their research and subsequently dissertation.

Today, with over 15 consultants working with the company, Dissertation Pal offers comprehensive support for almost all phases of a PhD. Having successfully consulted over 400 doctoral candidates, Dissertation Pal has been recommended by many committees for help with statistics, methods consulting, editing and APA formatting of dissertations.

We are located at Dallas, Texas and if you are nearby, please do not hesitate to seek an appointment to discuss your dissertation requirements in detail. Our services are ethical and we are definitely not a paper writing company. We rather work with PhD candidates to accomplish the research in a collaborative manner.

You can reach the management team at ho@dissertationpal.com. If you wish to be associated with us, do write in to us at the same email with your detailed resume and publication references.

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