Statistics Help

Looking for Dissertation Statistics Help? Is SPSS, STATA or E Views giving you a hard time to complete your data analysis chapter? Do you feel lost with descriptive and inferential analysis and do not know how to format the results in APA format? If all or any of these issues have been hindering the progress of your dissertation, you have now found a great service which can accelerate your progress and help you complete your chapter 4 of data analysis in less than 3 weeks. Our team of expert dissertation statistics consultants can help you help this bit of the research quickly and with confidence.

Dissertation Pal started as a Dissertation statistics help company with four of America’s leading dissertation statistics consultants on board. The service became popular and and with referrals coming in, we developed into a full fledged service provider for PhD Dissertations. Typically, our dissertation statistics service for the data analysis chapter starts at $ 800 with inclusions of data management, running statistical tests and providing you with an interpretation report. However, a lot of candidates while looking for statistics help, also require assistance in putting the results in APA format and need to understand the outputs obtained from the software used. We cover these additional requirements in our comprehensive data analysis service which starts at $ 1200.

To get an accurate quote for your project, we recommend you to send in the details of your topic, research objectives and methodology chapter at We would analyze your requirement, advise on the process for this service and confirm the price quote.

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