Methods Consulting

So here comes the toughest stage of your PhD. Determining the most appropriate methods of conducting your research is where you may encounter blocks, too much information and misleading guides. Worst, if you do not get this right, you may end up in more trouble with delays and no progress from your side.

We are here to help you through our expert research methodology consulting service to give your research, the design which shall be valid, correct and produce results which you originally intended. With experience of dealing with multi domain topics and broad spectrum of designs, our consultants provide rationale for choice of a particular methodology and give you the confidence to defend the chosen method of research in front of your committee. Some of the key points which we cover are research philosophy, constructing a questionnaire, sampling method and scaling techniques.

Our research methodology consulting package starts from $ 700 and vary depending upon the complexity of your topic and assistance you require. Mail us at with details of your topic, progress till date, service you intend to sign up for and expected turn around time.

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