Dissertation Proposal

First three chapters of the dissertation are usually referred to as the dissertation proposal. Proposal develops the objective for undertaking research in the specified area, undertakes critical review of relevant and latest literature, and details the methods which will be used for conducting research. Doctoral candidates are required to work their committee chair and other members of the committee to ensure that all important and relevant information is gathered and collated as per University specific guidelines. If the proposal complies with and meets all requirements as per the `Dissertation Minimum Standards Rubric’, committee chair would send it to the IRB or URR as named in your University.

At Dissertation Pal, we provide dissertation proposal writing service for doctoral candidates in research design, finding relevant sources and developing a proposal which meets the requirements as per the dissertation manual of the university. Our consultants provide help with scholarly writing, methodology guidance and how to use University resources like citation guides and TurnItIn. Our service is guaranteed and designed to help you till you clear your proposal stage. During the proposal writing stage, we allocate a team of consultant, writing expert, editor and reviewer who work collaboratively with you till the IRB accepts your proposal.

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