5 Tested Sources to get you Master Thesis help when you need it most

There will be many a times while writing your masters thesis that you would encounter situations where you would have to meet stringent deadlines and you don’t have the answer to unresolved queries. Neither do you know where to look for help. Do not panic or give up under pressure. We have a few useful tips for you on how you can get help with your thesis and not let it elevate your stress levels to an extent that is unmanageable.

Take help from your Professor: Your professors have gone through your ordeal and can relate to your challenges pretty well. Asking them for help is a safe bet because they have been students themselves at one point of time and would have many techniques and ways by which you can solve queries that may not occur to you.

Ask your friends for assistance: You would sure have some friends who have better writing skills than you. There isn’t anything wrong with taking help from them. Similar to your professors, they can empathise with you and offer you some worthy advice. Listen to what your reliable friend has to say and follow the advice.

Online forums: They are the truth of our generation. If you are internet savvy and find them easy to access and follow, they can become a great source of information. On a forum, you may find many members looking for a similar solution like yours and sometimes just following the threads may help in solving the problem.

Check online guides on thesis writing: The amount of information that is there on the internet is unbelievable. Whenever in the journey of writing you feel you are on the crossroads, just hit the internet and you would find a plethora of information which could be used by you. You would find a lot of guides when you search on Google that would cater to your specific problem.

Follow your college website: The college you are attending would have an online platform for students to interact and discuss issues and contemporary topics. Become a participant in such discussion. Even if you have apprehensions about participating in them, following them passively will also help you to resolve many problems to a great extent.

Ultimately, there are various ways in which you can get help for your master’s thesis, it all comes around to asking for help and support from external sources which you shouldn’t shy away from doing so.

Must Reads for Writing a Dissertation

Dissertations are an integral part of the academic curriculum, as it is a comprehensive way to evaluate the students’ understanding and knowledge. Students are expected to undertake a research, analyze the findings support it by relevant theories and concepts and conclude it by making appropriate recommendations. In order to produce a good dissertation, students need to do extensive reading throughout the semester. Following tips will guide you on what should be included in your reading list before you start writing your dissertation.

Visit Library for Classic Books

There are classic books in every field of study, which have existed for decades in the library and are considered as the bible of the subject. Every student should read these books and develop an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Take input from your professor or refer your syllabus for the recommendations of such books.

Read the Journal and Recent Research Publication

After you have developed a fair understanding of the concept, you need to know what are the current topics in which research is happening. Follow the leading journals for such articles and books being published to up-to-date your knowledge. These articles will help you choose an appropriate research topic and relate your article with the current developments in your field.

Refer Books and Text on Research Methodology

A quick glance through the books on research methods and methodologies will guide on the various methods of research, data collection, data filtration and analysis, how to make questionnaire and carry out statistical calculations.

Refer Other Primary Literature Sources

Apart from these books refer social theory which are relevant to your dissertation topic and other online sources of literature like e books, e-journals as well as you can join the community to get more information on the recent trends in your field.