How to Get Your Dissertation Published in an Academic Journal?

Publishing dissertation or parts of dissertation is an effective way to reach out to many interested students pursuing their studies in the same branch. It is an effective way to share your findings with the educational community, as academic journals have a wide reach. There are publishers who are interested in publishing best quality academic dissertation, which adds value to their journal. If you are interested in getting your dissertation published, follow the following tips to find an appropriate publisher.

  1. There are a number of publishers who require genuine and good articles to be published in the journal. Before you start submitting your article to a publisher it better to shortlist the publishers who publish academic journals in your field of study.

  1. Once you have shortlisted a publisher, you need to find out what are the requirements that you need to fulfil to get your article published. The website of the publisher will have all the required information like what topics they are looking for, the length of the dissertation and submission guidelines.

  1. Publishers have their own guidelines to publish articles in the journal. Check with the publisher whether they publish a whole dissertation or some parts or you need to write in the format provided.

  1. After you have understood the requirements of the publisher, make the required changes accordingly and submit your article. The publisher will take some time to review the article and if they find it fit for their journal, they will reply to you.

  1. If your dissertation is not accepted by the publisher, you should not lose hope and submit it to another publisher till you find a publisher who is interested in publishing your journal.

Thus, by following the above steps you can publish your dissertation in an academic journal.

Part Time PhD Programme: Am I on the Track?

Are you a part time PhD scholar, who is sailing in more than one boat at a time? Yes? In retrospect, when you see what you have accomplished in your programme so far, how do you feel? Do you compare your PhD accomplishment with the accomplishments of your co scholars who started around the same time as you? If they are on a full time programme, unlike you, do not do injustice with yourself by comparing. Know that your timelines are different and it doesn’t work similar as a part timer as it works for a full time scholar. Having done her Master’s programme as full time student and now on a part time PhD programme, Anna knows there isn’t any wisdom in doing comparisons. They could be poles apart like chalk and cheese. It was her deliberate, well thought over decision to get into a part time programme. Being there at two places, a full time job and a research scholar, the balance is hard to strike. It has its own set of challenges. There could be various tips to deal with this, but the most important key is to be fair in your expectations from self and accept before you begin that you would take longer than others and it is a choice you have made for yourself.

By now, we have understood that being a part time scholar isn’t easy. But if you are one of those, then just realisation of this may not help the purpose. To successfully accomplish your herculean task of a part time doctoral along with other personal or professional commitments, you need to use the skills you may have developed in your professional life or develop those skills, if you lack them. You need to learn to work around:

1. Setting deadlines
2. Being more focused and task oriented
3. Organised in your work habits
4. Multitasker
5. Scanner or as we called a skim reader

You have all these above mentioned skills. You are a seasoned and mature part timer who knows how to balance and multi task efficiently. If it is in your agenda to enrol into a part time programme, remember to go through this checklist and evaluate your key strengths so as to foresee whether it is a wise move for you or you need to first, like I said, work around your skill set.

Note or numeric approach to referencing

Here the superscript numbers in the text referring to a note at the foot of the page or at the completion of the text is done whereby the reference is given completely including the page number for if it is a direct quotation.

An abbreviated version of the reference is provided in any subsequent citation in case the source is cited more than once. It is because of this reason this is called as short-title system. Notes generally provide additional detail as well as being used to refer to sources. This also contains comments from the writer about the source being cited. This is a special feature of historical writing. The advantage here is that the numeric method is less distracting to the reader in regard to flow of text.

Software packages like Word facilitates insertion of notes quite simple which is also preferred by students for referencing work.

For books and dissertations a bibliography would be an ideal option and also significant in the assessment of students’ work.

Information drying up in the knowledge society

The assumption that knowledge based firm can obtain information about customers, potential or real does not hold true as under given competitive times, even the customers get tired of providing information about themselves. What would be the result of it? If this information is valued by the companies, the cionsumers might try to withhold this important information to themselves. In order to make their targeting more effective, the client companies are approaching specialist data collection companies like Experian, CACI and Claritas to collect information for them.

 Consumers are willing to share important information about themselves provided the information is used to make better product and services. It has been observed that there is not very good response rate to filling up of questionnaires by the people. So what should be done in that case? The solution lies in providing a basic form first for the purpose of building up rapport with the customer followed by some reward. This could be followed by a detailed questionnaire thus providing crucial information.

Virgin Atlantic gathers information by using seat back video consoles from captive travelers on long haul flights. Therefore when a surfer regularly viewing travel websites see a banner headline on the home page, its selective appearance is would be probably attributable to cover methods of data collection rather than chance methods. The matter of privacy is surely taken care of.

 In order to seek information companies are even going to limit of providing free computer on home shopping and internet access in return for data that is house hold and to accept advertising on their screen. It has also been noticed that big bribes can lead to problems of samples getting biased towards a different breed of professional research respondents related to market. Is this information that one yield of much value?