When the results of large number of quantitative studies are summarised and various analytical tests are conducted to see the effect of any variable, it is termed as meta-analysis. It provides a means through which a large number of quantitative studies of a specific topic could be summarised and studied.  Meta analysis therefore helps in pooling the results from different studies so as to estimate the overall effect by correcting the various sampling and non sampling errors which arises in relation to studies.

Meta analysis basically lies between two types of activities: doing a literature review of current studies in the area of interest and also to conduct a secondary analysis of other researcher’s data. But the technique depends upon the important information available for each of the studies.

As all the information related to methods of study and sample size is not included in published papers, Meta analysis is always not feasible. ‘File drawer problem’ is one problematic area for Meta analysis where research is not generating interesting publishable findings. This trend and tendency creates bias in Meta analytic reviews, as findings that fail to support a hypothesis or are equivocal in their connotations does not hold much chance to be published

Critical analysis is important to ace your dissertation

Literature review is an imperative part of any dissertation. Here, students are required to assess the sources at hand and show how the arguments presented by other authors either support or reject their dissertation statements. Many students simply provide a summary of the articles they have read in their literature review, and this pulls down the grade of a student. So, choose the books and journals you plan to analyze very carefully and ensure that the authors are renowned and have contributed to their fields in a significant manner. This way, the credibility of your literature review and dissertation will increase, and you will be one step closer to getting an ‘A’ grade.

Secrets of writing a good dissertation

The idea of writing a dissertation is daunting for most of the students. But, one can write a dissertation in an easy way if they follow some tips. According to the experts of the industry, there are some secrets which can help students in completing their dissertation effectively without much stress. Some of the secrets of dissertation writing are as below –

• First of all, students should use various resources to collect relevant information. Internet is one of the best sources from where they can get a lot of information.

• There are plenty of websites that provide students with proper guidelines for writing dissertation. is one of the reputed websites that guides students on how to write a perfect dissertation.

• Students should maintain the standards of their dissertation by following the rules and guidelines without fail.

• Students should make sure that they meet all the rules, citation and formatting styles.

• Another important tip is to note all the relevant points and essential information.

• Proofreading the work before submitting is very important as it polishes your work.

Apart from the above said there are a number of tip and tricks which can be followed by students of all disciplines and levels.