How to Get Your Dissertation Published in an Academic Journal?

Publishing dissertation or parts of dissertation is an effective way to reach out to many interested students pursuing their studies in the same branch. It is an effective way to share your findings with the educational community, as academic journals have a wide reach. There are publishers who are interested in publishing best quality academic dissertation, which adds value to their journal. If you are interested in getting your dissertation published, follow the following tips to find an appropriate publisher.

  1. There are a number of publishers who require genuine and good articles to be published in the journal. Before you start submitting your article to a publisher it better to shortlist the publishers who publish academic journals in your field of study.

  1. Once you have shortlisted a publisher, you need to find out what are the requirements that you need to fulfil to get your article published. The website of the publisher will have all the required information like what topics they are looking for, the length of the dissertation and submission guidelines.

  1. Publishers have their own guidelines to publish articles in the journal. Check with the publisher whether they publish a whole dissertation or some parts or you need to write in the format provided.

  1. After you have understood the requirements of the publisher, make the required changes accordingly and submit your article. The publisher will take some time to review the article and if they find it fit for their journal, they will reply to you.

  1. If your dissertation is not accepted by the publisher, you should not lose hope and submit it to another publisher till you find a publisher who is interested in publishing your journal.

Thus, by following the above steps you can publish your dissertation in an academic journal.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Dissertation Published in an Academic Journal?

  1. Hi. can you please tell me what happens when a mistake is found in the published papers or someone has to correct the statement to specify a particular meaning only?

  2. If this thing happens, journal do not publish it. it goes through multiple peer review processes. However it can happen with online versions.

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