Lengthy Dissertation for you? Do not Panic

Learn about the ideal word-count that can be maintained while writing your dissertation. If you think that your dissertation is getting lengthy crossing over 100-200 pages, then it can be well counted as a paperback novel. You might not be scared of the challenge of preparing a well-researched and fact-laid dissertation, but you might be intimidated by its length. Do not panic since a few determining factors can help you with handling the word count.

The foremost thing for you to understand is that the length of your study depends upon the subject that you choose. If you are doing Masters in Medicine then your approach towards writing the dissertation and planning its outline will be different from those majoring in Psychology. The guidelines are different for both and therefore the length is impacted by the subject matter.

If you are sure about choosing the right subject then it can lead to more discoveries that you can incorporate. Select a topic you feel interested in and you intent to discover and learn more about it. The process will ensure that you attain a perfect dissertation and will not be scared even if the word count crosses 200 pages.

Once you choose an interesting and engaging topic, dedicate your mind and soul to it. Stay committed and do not give up in the mid-way. Remember, the task is feasible in every possible way and is going to earn you a degree. Nevertheless, the increasing the word count will not bother you at all.

One of the best ways to avoid panic is to stop assuming the word count. If your mind keeps thinking that the count has crossed 40000 words, whereas, the actual count is 10000; you won’t be able to concentrate. Pour your heart and stay focused on the content instead of worrying about the word count at all.

2 thoughts on “Lengthy Dissertation for you? Do not Panic

  1. It is said that content matters more than page count, but then they do not accept if the number of pages for my dissertation is less than 20k words, should adding excess words in LR is okay if we do it at the need just to meet the expected word count?

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