How to End Up Choosing an Appropriate Journal for Publishing

If you are an ambitious research student or researcher, then there definitely comes a stage in your academic life where you want to get your work published in a reputed journal. However, you may have several types of queries regarding the choice of a suitable journal to which you could submit your research paper. Check out here a few considerations that can make you select the right journal for paper publishing.

Find its impact factor value

The range of readership of a journal or its popularity is generally determined by its impact factor value. Thus, you should check this value for your shortlisted journals before making a final choice. If your chosen journal has high impact factor and offers an open access to all online readers, then it may be the right selection.

Look at its audience

Every journal caters to a different audience in specific academic fields. See whether the audience of your chosen journals matches your publishing purpose. If the audience of a journal is your target audience too, then you can easily pick it up.

Determine its space

It is also important to know whether your selected journal covers your subject area and has a wide reach to your target readers. You can only reach such readers if a journal offers space to your type of research studies. For instance, you may be doing a case study while your chosen journal may not like to cover many case studies. In such a case, there occurs a mismatch leading to higher chances of rejection. Thus, make sure to select a journal that keeps your study high on its priority.

Consider the time taken for publishing

Everyone wants to get his/her work published as soon as possible. Thus, it is also necessary to check whether your journal has a shorter time cycle to accept and publish studies. Take a decision after thorough consideration of each of your shortlisted journals.

2 thoughts on “How to End Up Choosing an Appropriate Journal for Publishing

  1. Very true! Only publication is not important. We also need to be aware of the kind of publisher, where we will be submitting paper. Also, be aware of the people who cite papers of that publisher and how much relevance it has to the study.

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