How to Write a Good Dissertation Introduction?

An introduction is the face of a master’s or doctorate dissertation, which has to be very striking and anchoring too. Usually a dissertation introduction should be strong enough about the rationale of writing a dissertation and about its expected and accomplished findings. Also, a master or PhD scholar should be aware of the fact that an introduction should include the impact of research and its studies in the social order and upcoming batch. Overall, the word “introduction” sounds simple and straight forward yet it is the most crucial and important expect of any written work and if the stipulation is for higher studies, the matter becomes more sensitive. Hence, here come some tips which describe the ways of writing a good dissertation introduction –

  • Why a dissertation is written? – Aim of writing the dissertation and the outcomes expected and actually found has to be written here. Also, how writing a dissertation and its findings can help our subordinates or other academic aspirants are an important fact to be mentioned here.
  • What is there in the dissertation? – This portion includes the description of dissertation topic in detail, its proceedings in the form of abstract and different chapters and their subsections. Problems dealt with the research work and mentioned in the dissertation is also an imperative point to be mentioned. “What”, section may also include the justification about the genuineness of the work.
  • How the dissertation is completed? – Types and modes of conducting research by the means of different research methodologies are described here.
  • Introduction should express the point that, does your dissertation also have some restrictions or constraints that have led some impact on the result of the dissertation?
  • A good introduction should cover up a series of questions asked in the dissertation in order to solve out the issues generated or dispute raised should also be covered in a section of the introduction.

Thus, in a nutshell, it can be described as “a good dissertation introduction should be a summarized form of entire dissertation”.

One thought on “How to Write a Good Dissertation Introduction?

  1. Definitely, introduction is the summary of the entire dissertation. It should consists of entire topic in detail along with different research methodologies and constraints that we will be using in our dissertation.

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