Is It Okay to Avoid Formatting in Your Dissertation?

Formatting indicates toward the overall look and presentation of your content. You can also call it as the layout of your content. Generally, in a research dissertation, formatting is done to correct the layout of headings, text paragraphs, graphics, tables, and citations and references. Formatting is also done for making all the notes and fonts consistent. Thus, a document is made to look flawless in terms of its appearance by using varied formatting styles. However, many research students find it an unnecessary job.

Students may not feel the need of formatting when they have written their content well and without errors. If you also feel that formatting is simply wasting your precious time, then it is very important for you to understand its importance and benefits. A major advantage of formatting your dissertation is to make it actually look like a dissertation. When you are conducting serious research, you are also expected not to be casual in your writing or presentation. This is the reason why academic institutions provide formatting guidelines for you to follow stringently.

Another benefit of formatting is that it makes your work more readable. Even though your faculty members may not grant extra marks for your formatting, they will really appreciate if your content is presented in an impressive manner. A neat and tidy dissertation can create substantial influence on your readers. If you were presenting the work that looks professional and enhances readability, then your target readers would hold a favorable attitude toward it. A well-formatted dissertation also has the capability to hide a few linguistic mistakes, if left in your project.

Further, you cannot avoid formatting your dissertation for the very simple reason that your institution may only accept your project when it is formatted according to the recommended guidelines. Thus, you should devote time to format your work well so it only adds to your credibility.

3 thoughts on “Is It Okay to Avoid Formatting in Your Dissertation?

  1. Right! Formatting cannot be avoided. It is so very important to give your work a refined look. I have faced this once, when I submitted the first draft, my guide had notified me about the formatting styles, and I myself felt the change in presentation of the Dissertation once it was formatted.

  2. Earlier I didn’t think that formatting is essential for dissertation but when I got to work on my dissertation then I noticed its importance. My guide has provided me many comments regarding formatting styles. Can you help me in resolving those issues?

  3. Its really not ok to do so. Just imagine would you like reading a book with just plain words, no format no flow, just a combination of words.

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