Note or numeric approach to referencing

Here the superscript numbers in the text referring to a note at the foot of the page or at the completion of the text is done whereby the reference is given completely including the page number for if it is a direct quotation.

An abbreviated version of the reference is provided in any subsequent citation in case the source is cited more than once. It is because of this reason this is called as short-title system. Notes generally provide additional detail as well as being used to refer to sources. This also contains comments from the writer about the source being cited. This is a special feature of historical writing. The advantage here is that the numeric method is less distracting to the reader in regard to flow of text.

Software packages like Word facilitates insertion of notes quite simple which is also preferred by students for referencing work.

For books and dissertations a bibliography would be an ideal option and also significant in the assessment of students’ work.

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