Dissertation topics and the relevance of contemporary news

There are many students who have to do a project in finance. When they have to think of a topic, they find that most of the best topics have been chosen and trying to do something original is quite hard. But one of the advantages of finance is that something or the other is happening every day. There is always plenty of news in either the financial markets or in corporate mergers or in the commodities markets. Since the dark days of the 2008 Recession, the banking industry has been getting a lot of attention. It is hard to open the newspaper on any given day and not see at least a snippet of the trouble that investment banks are getting into. In some Western countries, whole economies have been troubled by the financial activities that their largest banks have indulged in.

That is why this is as good a time as any to do a project on the banking sector and the consequences it is having on people around the world. Since there are new developments taking place every day, it is always possible to generate an idea that looks at matters from a different angle. Reviewing committees love to read research on contemporary issues, simply because of the relevance it has to modern day living. It is also a good way for a student to make a name, and get his work noticed by those who matter. Many famous economists have made their name by working on a burning contemporary topic. That is why the students should get into the habit of reading the newspapers very closely because that could be the source of their big dissertation idea. They could also examine an old theory and relate it to contemporary times.

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