Seven ways to overcome problems while writing journal

üTell a story: each variable in research should be seen as a character and explanation of their interaction is important. This gives impact and meaning to the relationship which is long observed between variables.

üConcentrate on the macrostructure: it is important to be sure about coordination between sections of the paper so as to make them flow logically from one to another.

üDiscuss completely the procedures and thought processes: the researcher should be open about limitations and weaknesses as it gives the reviewers the confidence that nothing is concealed.

üFinding the operational base of research and sticking to it: the research design should be though of as core of an empirical paper with which the discussion, results and theory could correspond.

üListening to reviewers: the manuscript should be revised keeping in mind the feedback provided by the research fraternity. It should be kept in mind by the researcher that the paper is not of good quality and hence could not be published and take this as a learning experience.

üLet the manuscript grow naturally: a good paper takes time to come up and all manuscripts go though revision and re-revision before they could be actually submitted to a journal. The feedback from colleagues should be used to develop the manuscript before submission.

üNo exaggeration: the researcher should be cautious in one’s argument rather than overstating the claims.


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