Information drying up in the knowledge society

The assumption that knowledge based firm can obtain information about customers, potential or real does not hold true as under given competitive times, even the customers get tired of providing information about themselves. What would be the result of it? If this information is valued by the companies, the cionsumers might try to withhold this important information to themselves. In order to make their targeting more effective, the client companies are approaching specialist data collection companies like Experian, CACI and Claritas to collect information for them.

 Consumers are willing to share important information about themselves provided the information is used to make better product and services. It has been observed that there is not very good response rate to filling up of questionnaires by the people. So what should be done in that case? The solution lies in providing a basic form first for the purpose of building up rapport with the customer followed by some reward. This could be followed by a detailed questionnaire thus providing crucial information.

Virgin Atlantic gathers information by using seat back video consoles from captive travelers on long haul flights. Therefore when a surfer regularly viewing travel websites see a banner headline on the home page, its selective appearance is would be probably attributable to cover methods of data collection rather than chance methods. The matter of privacy is surely taken care of.

 In order to seek information companies are even going to limit of providing free computer on home shopping and internet access in return for data that is house hold and to accept advertising on their screen. It has also been noticed that big bribes can lead to problems of samples getting biased towards a different breed of professional research respondents related to market. Is this information that one yield of much value?

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