Important points to consider for research planning

  • Before a research is planned a few questions need to be answered like:
  • Why should a research be conducted?
  • What is its purpose? What is the problem area to be resolved? Or are the opportunities available in the market?
  • What alternatives can the researcher find besides and including research?
  • Who is the set of recipient using this research and what should be their expectation?
  • What should be the area on which research should be conducted? Establish research objectives.
  • What set of questions need to be prepared by the research proposal
  • What set of hypotheses need to be established?
  • Should there be any boundaries or limitations for the study?
  • Is the research topic undertaken worth the study?
  • What is the value of information and whether its cost be more then the cost of collecting it? Would it be possible also to obtain the information?
  • If the benefit is not exceeding the cost that is involved, one should not conduct the study as it is the suitable course of action for all.
  • What should be the way to design a research to achieve the set objectives?
  • Should it be primary or secondary research?
  • Which course of alternative to be chosen?
  • Specifying sampling plan
  • Designing the experiments.
  • Collecting the data.
  • Designing and collecting the data.
  • How should the data be analysed, interpreted and also used to give recommendations for further action?
  • Reporting the research results.
  • Providing strategic recommendations.

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