Rules to Write a Professional Literature Review

Literature reviews are always in demanded in technical fields due to the escalating yield of different publications. Given a heap of diverse types of papers, one cannot expect the experts to study them in detail, which are actually relevant to their interests. This is the reason why summaries of literatures are demanded. It is both beneficial and necessary! Timely literature reviews can provide novel insights that can help in understanding the papers from various perspectives. However, it is essential for such summaries to be written in a professional way. Here are some simple rules to write a professional literature review.

First, always start by deciding the most suitable topic for you followed by the target audience. The topic should be interesting to you or about a well-known issue in your field. Second, look not only for current research papers on the chosen topic but also for the previous reviews. This will help in gaining and understanding the vitally connected information.

Third, do consider taking notes while reading the materials for references. If you read the papers and then write a review, it is obvious for you to have a good memory to remember the author and other linked areas of that topic. Therefore, do take down relevant information and ideas to organize the review.

5 thoughts on “Rules to Write a Professional Literature Review

  1. While writing the Literature Review focus on your dependent and Independent variables. Also, annotated bibliography in the end provides a good summary of all the literature.

  2. I was confused and misunderstood to how to formulate Literature Review. But after reading this blog I am crystal clear now.

  3. In Annotated bibliography, do I need to mention all the references? Or, can I summarize the similar references in one point??

  4. @sandycor, yes you can prepare a synthesis matrix. However, it is advised that you support the matrix with apt explanation.

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